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Make and Send Truly Heartfelt Valentine Greeting Cards


Using your own digital images to make greeting cards allows you to create cards which are genuinely heartfelt and truly personal. These are the basic requirements of the very best Valentine greeting cards, and making them yourself allows you to ensure they meet these requirements.

Sending a card on Valentine’s Day is something which many people often feel nervous about doing. For those who are involved in a long lasting relationship, it is a chance to re-affirm just how much their partner means to them and how strong their love is after all these years. For that reason, it is vital to choose a card which, in visual terms, says exactly what you want it to say. As if this wasn’t nerve racking enough, however, many other people send a card to someone whom they’ve been admiring from a distance and, in this case, it’s probably even more vital to choose exactly the right card. Sending the valentines gifts card is a way of making contact with this person and attempting to let them know what you feel for them and convince them to feel the same for you. It’s easy to understand, bearing this in mind, just how difficult many people think selecting the right Valentine greeting cards can be.

For all of these reasons, it is often far easier to just take the plunge and create your own photo cards. Of course, in the past this was much easier said than done. Making a card like this would have meant sticking a photograph onto a piece of card and the results would leave quite a lot to be desired in aesthetic terms. The breakthrough achieved by digital photography, however, means that it is now possible to create a valentine card online which, whilst still being completely and utterly personal, will also be produced to a standard which is more than a match for anything you could buy from a valentines gifts shop.

Choosing the image for your valentines photo cards may well be the most difficult part of the process. Do you want a favourite photograph of the two of you together, or a shot of a favourite place or landmark? The choice is yours, and you’ll be able to select a photograph from your collection which encapsulates your feelings for the recipient as well as expressing the way you want them to think of you.


Making greeting cards in this manner has been kept as simple as it possibly can be. All you need to do is select the right image and then upload it to the website. From this point, the software will allow you to design a card which is just the card you were looking for. The size and shape are in your hands, as is the presence of any text, so if you want to pen a few lines, or perhaps transcribe a favourite love poem then you can do that as well.

Once you’ve made all of your choices, the card will be printed on the highest quality card, using the latest technology to ensure crisp, vibrant colours and clear lines.

Of all the greeting cards you choose to send throughout the year, Valentine greeting cards are those which come loaded with the most emotional weight. For this reason, it’s vital that you get the look and feel of the card just right, and making it around an image of your own choosing will allow you to do exactly this. The recipient, what’s more, will be heartened to see just how much time and effort you’ve made on their behalf.